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goners [gä:nɜ:s] (singular: goner)

  1. Persons in a desperate strait or a hopeless case.
  2. Persons doomed. Ex. "We"re all goners if this plan doesn"t work." Ex. "One mistake and we"re toast."

6 letters in word "goners": E G N O R S.

Anagrams of goners:

Words found within goners:

ego egos en eng engs ens eon eons er erg ergo ergon ergs ern erns eros ers es gen genro gens geo geos go goe goer goers goes gon gone goner gons gor gore gores gorse gos gren grens grone ne neg negro negs no noes nog nogs nor nos nose noser oe oes ogre ogres on one oner oners ones ons or ore ores ors os ose re reg rego regos regs ren rens res roe roes rone rones rong rose seg segno sego sen senor ser seron snog snore so sog soger son sone song sore sorn

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